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Prince Sultan Military Medical City

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A Word by Director of Prince Sultan Military Medical CityA Word by Director of Prince Sultan Military Medical City
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Mission and Vision

Prince Sultan Military Medical City is inspired to be the premier hospital in providing the highest standards of healthcare services for its patients, to be the benchmarked hospital in the kingdom, and to achieve Excellency in all specialties in the Middle East.

About Us

1st Stage in 1978 King Khalid bin Abdulaziz opened the main hospital in Riyadh with a capacity of 385 beds. 2nd Stage : end of 1979, Al Kharj Military Industries Corporation Hospital was commissioned with 60 beds. At the end of 1983, King Abdulaziz Military Academy was commissioned with 34 beds. Ever since, the Programme is growing consecutively.

Contact Us

Prince Sultan Military Medical City
P.BOX. 7897 Riyadh 11159
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Telephone +966 11 4777714
Fax: +966 11 4762650

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